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The Rise and Fall of Hollywood Legends

April 01, 2018

The year was 1895, the place La Ciotat, France. Two brothers, Pierre and Auguste Lumière of Lyon, debuted their new invention, the cinematograph, and for the first time in history, an audience was captivated by the wondrous sight of projected motion pictures. Since then, the movie industry has developed in ways the Lumière brothers, whose films were limited to minute-long reels, could never have imagined. If you’re interested in learning about the inspiring, delightful, and twisted history of the 20th century’s major film studios, radio and TV networks, and record labels, you must join local historian and longtime Hollywood resident Philip Mershon on one of his intimate, two-hour walking tours, brought to you by the Felix in Hollywood Tour Company. Philip, who has spent decades researching the making of Tinseltown, weaves an extraordinary true story of the rise and fall of entertainment giants as you stroll down a historic strip of Sunset Boulevard. The perfect afternoon outing, this tour will make you see movies as you never have before.

Location: 1500 Vine St., (statue in front), Los Angeles, CA 90028

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