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The Aquarium of the Pacific

September 12, 2016

The Aquarium of the Pacific debuts two new exhibitions this fall, Horses & Dragons and Vanishing Animals. Horses & Dragons features seahorses, seadragons, and their relatives while Vanishing Animals highlights extinction and how the trend can be reversed. The Vanishing Animals exhibition also includes a film of the same name and will be shown daily beginning September 14th. Another big event this fall is the debut of two penguin chicks that hatched at the Aquarium of the Pacific in May - these penguins are the fourth generation born at the aquarium. In addition to its conservation outreach, the Aquarium of the Pacific hosts cultural events. In September they host Moompetam: a Native American Festival, the Baja Splash Cultural Festival, and Southeast Asia Day. September is a busy month at Aquarium of the Pacific - so be sure to make time to visit during your stay at Grafton on Sunset.

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