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Lights, Camera, Cover Photo Shoot

February 26, 2016

Remember the popular "mean girl" from MTV’s Laguna Beach, Kristin Cavallari? Well, it turns out, she’s nothing like that. Recently, we had the pleasure of hosting Kristin and the Bella LA Magazine team as they shot her cover photo in our West Hollywood hotel. Even when you live in Los Angeles, you can’t help but feel a little starstruck around a celebrity and absolutely delighted to find that they’re friendly and down to earth. These days, Kristin Cavallari is not only most definitely not a mean girl, but she’s so much more: she’s a mother of three children under the age of 9, an author of her upcoming book Balancing in Heels, a fashion designer of her own jewelry and shoe lines, a wife, and an all-around inspirational woman. We had a great time and hope to see everyone back soon!

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