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LA Conservancy's Last Remaining Seats

June 02, 2016

Want to immerse yourself in classic movies in classic settings this summer? You’re in luck. The LA Conservancy’s Last Remaining Seats series will transport you back to the Golden Age of film. Through June, LA Conservancy will screen such crowd favorites as Top Gun, To Kill A Mockingbird, and Singin’ in the Rain at some of downtown’s most elegant historic movie theaters every Wednesday and Saturday night. This year’s Last Remaining Seats series is set to commemorate LA Conservancy’s 30th year of classic film worship. In addition to the unique locations of the screenings in Broadway’s most landmark movie houses, the Conservancy will also be hosting backstage tours, panel discussions, and post-screening film trivia. More than just a film screening, these are fully immersive events that celebrate the films and era in which they were created. For instance, the month’s first film, Top Gun, will include an introduction by producer Jerry Bruckheimer, 80s dance music party in the ballroom, and 80's candy in the lobby. 

If you’re set to view a Saturday screening, we recommend attending one of the Conservancy’s Broadway Historic Theatre and Commercial District walking tours first. The walks meet at 10 AM and will highlight the incredible architecture of the Broadway strip, as well as the cinematic and social history of this storied and unique street. Once done, head back to the Grafton and rest your weary feet by the humongous, salt water pool. Then grab an award-winning dinner and rock ‘n roll inspired drink at Bar20 and Oliver’s Prime before heading back into Downtown. Each of the Last Remaining Seats theaters are located about 10 miles from the Grafton, on Broadway between W. 6th and W. 10th Street. When the screening and related events wrap up late in the night, head back to the Grafton for a night of dream-filled, Tinseltown-inspired sleep. 

Meta: The LA Conservancy’s Last Remaining Seats series will transport you back to the Golden Age of film.

Address: Multiple Locations on Broadway between W. 6th and W. 10th 

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