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Arthouse Cinema | The Grafton on Sunset

May 12, 2016

At the center of a West Hollywood getaway is a love and appreciation for the movie industry, so while you’re here, why not catch a film at an intimate arthouse cinema? Unlike your typical movie theater, the Sundance Cinema, located just a ten minute walk from our Sunset Strip hotel, is a perfectly thought-out experience from beginning to end. All shows have reserved seating, so you can choose your perfect seat from the moment you make your reservation, be it at the ticket counter or in advance from the comfort of your hotel room. When you arrive, you’ll find that the theaters are small to medium sized for a more intimate experience, and the projection and sound technologies are world-class. Take a seat in one of the plush reclining chairs, and order a delicious snack or dinner paired with your choice of wine or beer to be enjoyed during the show. When it comes to the movies, the Sundance features a diverse range of genres. You’ll find the latest star-studded, award-nominated films on schedule, but the real draw are the independent films that don’t get such wide distribution and are often difficult to find in theaters. All of this, coupled with the friendly and attentive service makes a night at the Sundance truly special. What’s more, and may come as a surprise due to the theater’s excellent location on the Strip, is that prices are extremely reasonable, often lower than those at larger theaters. This is especially true when you visit on Tuesdays and take advantage of their $6 admission tickets, available all day. So take a well-deserved break from the sight-seeing and opt for an intimate and luxurious night at Sundance Cinemas, surrounded by other respectful movie enthusiasts, where you’ll feel like studio executives at a private screening.

Address: 8000 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles

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