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A Holiday for Floats, Pipes, and Green Pints

March 05, 2017

Except in spurts and sputters, across a majority of states the sudden showers and cool breezes that mark the coming of spring have yet to appear. California may be a long way from Ireland, but it’s among the very first to bloom in the calendar year. Show your appreciation with green garments, plenty of tied-on ribbons, and a checkered kilt when West Hollywood’s spectacular Saint Patrick’s Day Parade crawls through the streets of downtown.

Arrive a little before noon for a clear-ish view of twinkling marchers and baton twirlers, traditional bagpipers, waving politicians, and an outrageous caravan of festooned cars and floats. On March 17th, the far-flung spirit of Ireland is as close as a modern pub and a chilled pint of Guinness. Join up with your fellow revelers across West Hollywood’s inclusive adult venues, which welcome celebrants of every stripe. That is, so long as you’re of good cheer.

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